MIA Health Meeting

Ageing successfully

10th AGE National Meeting

CUSTOMER: A.G.E. Associazione Geriatri Extraospedalieri


OBJECTIVES: Avoiding planning the usual medical conference focusing only on clinical aspects of work. Widening the scope of the event to underline the relation between Geriatrics and other medical and health professions and disciplines with reference to local territory, environment and social security services. Enriching the conference work with evidences of successful aging to learn from life experiences.

An opportunity to discuss clinical and social security topics as well as to talk about spaces and technologies dedicated to the aged, opening a window on successful ageing. The event involved many professionals from various sectors, including singer Gino Paoli and judge Giancarlo Caselli who shared their experience, triggering delegates’ curiosity and interventions. A new format allowed those wishing to address experts privately to have their questions answered in the so-called “confessional”.