MIA Corporate Meeting

Cooking Class

Team building and cultural enrichment



OBJECTIVES: Varying according to the event format chosen (widening knowledge on a specific theme, strengthening team spirit, improving the ability to work under stress, etc.)

Maybe it’s a cliché, but food is certainly an integral part of the Italian culture. Cooking is relaxing and fulfilling, yet in some cases it may feel like a challenge. That’s why we can’t disregard cooking when planning an event. There’s a multitude of formats and programs to chose from, depending on the objectives set for the event and the number of participants expected. We can organize a real-life cooking class based on local traditions, starting in the morning at the market to shop for ingredients, accompanied by the Chef, continuing in the kitchen to prepare food and ending with lunch or dinner to taste the dishes prepared during the day. We can also organize a team-building activity, splitting participants into “working lines” as in a real restaurant kitchen working at full capacity, where everything has to run smoothly to avoid disasters along the working chain: a perfect metaphor of company organization.