MIA Corporate Meeting

Fashion perfumes

Product launch

CUSTOMER: A large industry producing consumption goods of various types


TARGET: 400 dealers of various European nationalities

OBJECTIVES: An event to present international dealers with two new perfumes produced by the client on behalf of two prestigious Italian fashion brands.

A themed evening was dedicated to each product, in line with the style, colours and message of its brand. The locations chosen had a strong character, yet were at the same time suitable to the design requirements for the event. The first was Open Colonna, the roof restaurant of the Exhibition Building, in the old town: a wide, modern and minimalist venue, particularly suggestive in the evening to admire the surrounding ancient buildings from its large windows. The second evening was held at Spazio Novecento, at the very heart of the EUR district: a total white venue, perfect for a brand characterized by its black and gold colour combination. The themed evenings were part of a two-day tour of Rome.