MIA Associative Events

Federmeccanica 2014 General Assembly

National Convention

CUSTOMER: Federmeccanica

LOCATION: Bari – Teatro Petruzzelli

OBJECTIVES: Business growth and development, investing in corporate relations as a tool to involve and integrate all employees.

A new alliance between employers and employees is necessary in today’s socio-economic setting to face its complex challenges and help businesses regain competitiveness to relaunch Italian metal engineering industry products in the world. The crisis of representation values we have been experiencing in this historical moment in Italy has determined a gradual disaffection and estrangement of labour from the subjects traditionally assigned to representative functions and we are having to rethink our approach to Industrial Relations. The convention was an opportunity for an associative confrontation on the strategic importance of investments in human resources, in terms of motivation and fulfillment, presenting local good practices and success cases to analyze them and determine new methods, techniques and tools that companies can apply for mutual advantage. The convention was an opportunity for a confrontation on the strategic importance of investments in human resources. Strengthening the liaison between employer and employees has been the objective of a cultural evolution path promoted by Federmeccanica, in a joint effort with Territorial Associations, for National and Local Governments to impact effectively on businesses.