MIA Corporate Meeting

Mapping 3D for the gala dinner

3D projection show in Villa Campolieto

CUSTOMER: Tupperware

LOCATION: Napoli - Ercolano

OBJECTIVES: A new “vision” of corporate communication.

We truly believe in the this idea and the perfect occasion to demonstrate it was Tupperware Convention which took place in the historical site of Ercolano. The beautiful Villa Campolieto, a masterpiece dating back to the Bourbons period, was chosen to host this new “vision” of corporate communication through an amplified celebration of beauty. 400 guests were captured by the charming images coming out of doors and windows, portraying new words and inspiring extraordinary emotions, climaxing in the fantastic recognition of the company brand, with acrodance artists performing during the gala dinner to make it even more so unforgettable. 3D video mapping is a form of videoart of great impact: the façade of a building becomes the canvass on which we tell an original story, with a wide range of tridimensional effects of lights and animation. Màgina offers various ways to use this product, including the possibility to customize it based on the typology of the event planned. In this case (a gala dinner), the mapping chosen was a mix of scenic design and performance, offering both entertainment and awesomeness. The project was developed in collaboration with Maria Grazia Sapigni and Màgina’s professionals.