MIA Associative Events

SpA Day spondyloarthritis and prevention. An experts’ discussion

Health communication event

CUSTOMER: APMAR (Association of People affected by Rheumatic Diseases)

LOCATION: Bari – L’Aquila

OBJECTIVES: Raising public awareness on an wide-spreading rheumatic disease: Spondyloarthritis.

An itinerant talk show and a social campaign aimed at giving participants the opportunity to understand what “a simple backache” can mean. Prevention and first symptoms interpretation are crucial for an early and effective cure and to ensure patients a good quality of living. Patients’ associations and specialized centres can provide useful tools to deal with this disease – which may affect both adults and children. The objective of the talk show was to generate awareness among patients and citizens. Thanks to the social campaign launched on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram everyone had the possibility to feel part of the project by simply posting a photo on the theme of “the sun”, using the official hashtag of the event #iovoglioguardareilsole, i.e I want to see the sun. A jury will review all the photos posted and chose the most representative one to be used by APMAR in its next awareness campaign.