MIA Corporate Meeting

Naples under a different light

Training and Incentive Travel

CUSTOMER: Incentive Europe


PERIOD: April 2013

OBJECTIVES: Transforming visitors’ negative perception on Naples to make them testimonials and ambassadors of this extraordinary city’s beauty.

The idea of a slow-paced visit by bike – a very familiar means of transport to people living in Holland – easily convinced this Dutch company to overcome their perplexity on organizing an incentive travel event in Naples – too often considered as dirty and turbulent – for their sales force. 84 participants, divided into 4 groups, each with a different helmet colour, were led through their visit by expert cycling guides providing information and telling interesting stories as they cycled along through radio connection. The bikes, all of the same type and in perfect conditions, were carried to Piazza del Plebiscito, where the tour started and joined a recently built cycling route across the city. Upon their return, participants were welcomed with an unmissable Napolitan expresso coffee. “We’d never thought Naples could be so wonderful” was – in brief – the general comment of those who experienced the ride.