MIA Innovation Lab

Speaking about pain at June’s Syssitia

Scientific Medical Convention

CUSTOMER: Dott.ssa Claudia Laterza

LOCATION: Trani - Palazzo San Giorgio

PERIOD: 6-7 June 2014

OBJECTIVES: Improving the approach to pain and guaranteeing an early and efficient treatment through medical and extra-medical experiences and reflections, as a sign of civilization for future generations.

Addressing the theme of pain in compliancy with Italian Law no. 38/2010 “Provisions to guarantee access to palliative treatments and pain therapy” which defends Italian citizens against pain. This law is unfortunately still poorly applied, as evidenced by the data presented in the last OsMed report which still shows an inadequate use of opioid analgesics despite it being enforced by current regulations. Often patients complain of a lack of attention to the issue of pain within health services and this unfortunately shows that, while a cultural and legislative change has already started, a consistent portion of the population still does not receive suitable antalgic treatments. The theme was also addressed through a multi-sensorial dinner signed by Chef Almo Bibolotti, food specialist from Bari competing in the final of Master Chef Italia’s last edition. Chef Bibolotti addressed the topic of good and healthy eating as a way to soothe pain.